Harvey Chan Memorial Scholarship - 2019 Vision High Tech Training Conference

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Anyone who knew Harvey Chan knew the passion he had for education. To continue his legacy, the industry has helped fund and establish The Harvey Chan Technical Scholarship. The scholarship has synergy with Harvey’s passion to expose technicians to the opportunities, knowledge, and motivation available by attending a training event like VISION. Scholarship includes a 4-day Power Pass training package and a ticket for the awards banquet dinner Saturday evening. 

The upcoming Vision event runs from February 28 — March 3, 2019

Apply today: 2019 Harvey Chan Scholarship

Deadline for entries is Jan 11, 2019 — Tell a friend or colleague!

Brin Diagnostician
Melbourne, Florida
Brin Default

Thanks for sharing Scott. Harv is missed for sure. This scholarship is perfect for honoring his legacy.

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Rudy Technician
Montebello, California
Rudy Default

Who's it intended for? Young up and coming technicians or students?

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Scott Manager
Claremont, California
Scott Default

Hi Rudy, Looking at the form I'm assuming it's for those most in need of the benefits provided.

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