2014 Volvo XC60R hesitation help please

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2014 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design 3.0L (90 B6304T4) 6-spd (TF-80SC AWD)

We have a 2014 XC60R at the shop, that just after you leave a light hesitates or lays down pretty bad. Once past that point and it gains some rpms, it flies. Came to us with a new genuine Volvo pedal assembly, obviously not the fix. I have codes B102921 and C110801 present at most times. I verified good fuses as well as current on the circuits. I voltage dropped grounds for the pedal and then checked some schematics because I can only find or read limited data. Fuse 20 is intact and powers a circuit in the CEM that contains it's own fuse, 17 I believe, that then according to pro demand, powers the pedal assembly. Alldata says the CEM supplies the ecu and that the ecu then is wired to the pedal, a virtual go between to keep the boys behaving well and playing nicely. Neither schematic show any internals of the pedal assy and leaves me no way to know what kind of voltage or signal that I might possibly expect on which circuit. The mystical wire, terminal 5 on the pedal, has 1.012 volts on it. Thats nice but means nothing to me. No one displays live data, at least that I own, and no, I haven't scoped it yet. That will be tomorrow mornings project. Been under the weather so I am not thinking as clearly as I usually do. This brand is something that I am not overly familiar with, but I also understand that generally the sane components do the same job no matter what the paint or badge on the vehicle is. Thanks in advance for your guidance.


Bob Owner/Technician

Kevin, This diagram gives a little more detail. It looks like the wire on pin 5 that goes to the ecm changes with pedal position. Make sure the value is the same at the sensor and ecm when moving the throttle. Also, the sensor is on the LIN bus that goes to the CEM. I would want to scope the LIN bus.

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Dmitriy Analyst

Hi Kevin, just one wire going to the ECM? It might be a digital signal and very fast as well. Your scope capture will be highly appreciated.

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