Harsh transmission downshift when coming to a stop

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2012 Audi A5 Quattro S Line 3.0L 7-spd (S Tronic)
Harsh Transmission Engagement

The vehicle is actually a 2012 S4 but the model is not listed same engine transmission package nonetheless. The symptom is when you come to a stop The vehicle will downshift hard and it feels like it's somebody hit you from the rear end. I scan the vehicle and found no trouble codes and engine or the transmission. I'm not 100% sure of what pids to look at or what I'm looking for at this point any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks.

Patty Owner
Cypress, Texas
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Its probably in the s tronics. Or the low side of the dual clutch is going bad.

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David Mechanic
Corona, California
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Have you checked the drive shaft bushing ?

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Andrew Diagnostician
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I have not checked that, But it may be worth checking.

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Victor Owner/Technician
Doral, Florida
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Check for a faulty brake light switch.

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Kenneth Owner/Technician
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There is a TSB that MIGHT apply. Circuit board problems and an available flash. Technical Service Bulletin …

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Andrew Diagnostician
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Hey guys, Thank you for the insight and thoughts on this one. We did a bit more research on this one before pulling the trigger. I first started with an Adaptation reset and test drive. This took a better part of an hour to do so if your going to do it be prepare for a LONG test drive along with watching the scanner to verify operational changes in the adaptation process. That being said that…

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