Lindertech North Fall Training Toronto, Ontario (T.0)

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Lindertech North fall session is back in Toronto for October 11-13. Management and technician training by top instructors in the industry. Rick White, Scott Shotton, Scot Manna and John Thornton will lead the training. Once again the best of the best and we are honored to have such quality and expertise returning to Toronto. Class will be split between Cochrane Automotive and the Hilton Garden Inn. 

Rick White will be teaching Thursday's session with 'How To Be A Talent Magnet' and 'Coaching and Counselling for Employee Success.'

Friday morning will have John Thornton teaching 'Turbocharger Operation and Diagnostics' followed by Scot Manna finishing up the day with a class on case studies titled 'Far East Failures'.

Register quickly for Saturdays session with Scott Shotten. This hands on picoscope class on engine mechanical testing has a limit of 25 people. Act quickly. 

Any questions please message me or contact Leah Cochrane @ … or …

Special thank you to Leah and John Cochrane for their hard work, dedication and passion for this industry 

Best to save the picture to your desktop to view the whole picture or open in a new tab. I can also email a PDF if anyone needs.

Thank you for supporting local training.

Jim Mobile Technician

I'm a little confused, It looks like John Thornton is teaching on Saturday Oct 13th in 2 locations ???? According to a post on another website, JT will be at a NESSARA Training event on Oct 13th also ? nessara​.​org/Training​.​aspx Now I know JT is GOOD, but in New England and Toronto at the same time ???

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Ray Diagnostician

I read the attachments and John Thornton is Friday October 12th Scott Shotton is on Saturday October 13th

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Sean Diagnostician

I misquoted. Rick will be teaching Thursday. John and Scot Friday. Scott on Saturday. Thank you for pointing that out. The message has been edited.

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William Diagnostician

I attended 3 Lindertechs in Indiana. All were great events and fantastic training. Wish they still did them there.

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