Heads up before programming a 2003 Chevy Corvette!

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2003 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L (G) 4-spd (4L60-E)
Splice Pack

Recently I was asked to update the PCM on a 2003 Chevy Corvette. 

The customer was having issues were the monitors were not being set for inspection. 

The Tech on the job saw there was a service bulletin stating: make sure the PCM was at its latest update. The tech called, wanting to see if J2534 could do the update. This vehicle is equipped with a 2 Class II data line splice packs and this tool needs to be installed before one attempts to reprogram.

J 42236-A installs to the splice pack/star connectors. These splice packs are located to the left of the body control module (BCM).

The splice packs/star connectors are stand alone and do not plug into the BCM.

The BCM is located behind the passenger floor access panel, see service information for more info.

Both splice pack/star connector shorting bars need to be removed from the splice pack/star connector. This can be done by squeezing both ends of the shorting bar and pulling it away from the splice pack.

The splice packs/star connectors may have to be removed from their mounting pins in order to install the J 42236-A. The splice packs/star connectors must be visually inspected to ensure the proper cable from the J 42236-A is installed on the correct splice pack/star connector.

Cable #1 connects to the star connector with eight, nine or ten wires. Cable #2 connects to the star connector with four incoming wires.

The Bulletin number is # …A.

Adam Diagnostician

Couldn't one just use a jumper lead to bridge and isolate the PCM com line on the splice pack?

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Dean Owner
New York

My thoughts exactly Adam. Or, do that on the bench, much easier.

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
New York

That would be a solution as long as attention is paid to the female terminals to not cause future network issues from pin fit.

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Dean Owner
New York

Right on Chris!

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Sam Mobile Technician

We use our off board programmer for all pre 96 vehicles. I have this special tool. We just don't use it. We also program all pre 2005 GM Vehicles remote with the tech 2 using the disc software because we have seen some many problems programming these J-2534 or MDI.

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