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Oh, be still my heart. I can see fun with Dick & Jane here. ADAS was the first thing that popped into my head. How about you?


A quick tangent if you don't mind. I stopped by a shop in southern MD years ago. The "tech" was fighting a severe vibration during braking. Below 3mph, it would shake your eye teeth out. The funny thing about Caddys is that I couldn't recall them having 24 inch wheels in those days. (It was all 4 wheels. He wasn't trying to improve the fuel economy with them only on the rear by having it go downhill.) I suggested that he may wish to put the stock wheels back on it and verify the problem has gone away. He told me that I didn't know what the F I was talking about. I agreed and told him that I don't know what the F I'm talking about, as I walked away.

Now, we're going to tell some kid that his car is acting up because he turned it into a hooptie and if he wants to fix it, he needs to get rid of the paint. Gawd, I love this trade!


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I recently attempted to assist the manager of a shop - who happened to be driving an 06 Honda with an ongoing TPMS problem, that he wanted me to help him diagnose. (If you read that sentence again, you may have the same sickening feeling coming into this as I did). This car had the darkest aftermarket tint you could find on the front windows and has reflective silver on the back windows. Like…

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Never heard of that one, J. Can you give more specific info so I can find it and read it? (or email it to me?)

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Assume you meant to type TPMS in your first sentence...

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Good eye Mike. Yes. Sorry for any confusion.

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