Hyundai CCP Can system

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2012 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2.4L (B) 6-spd (A6LF2)
U0001 - High Speed CAN Communication Bus
U0101 - Lost Communication with TCM

Hi everyone, I have a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with codes U0001 and U0101 causing problems with the instrument cluster and other systems. The cluster starts to sweep the gauges and the vehicle looses power like it is turning off. I am looking for some insight as to of what the CCP can is on the diagrams I have provided. They appear to only go from the pcm to the test connector so I am curious what exactly they are supposed to be used for. I can't find any explanation in service info about them. thank you for the help!


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I can only be a tiny bit helpful - when I have measured CCP it was with no Scan Tool on that connector, and there was no activity and no bias (constant 0 Volts).

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CAN calibration protocol. I believe this is a master /slave system. The ccp being the master. So if the pcm has the ccp, that's the master. I believe it's behavior is similar to certain European cars where the scan tool sends and receives messages, and the pcm commands to the rest of the modules(like a gateway). Once the scan tool is disconnected, no messages will be seen.

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Both are correct, A CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) CAN bus is generally there for use during development for calibration purposes when small amounts of data are being changed and a full CAL tool such as INCA are not needed. These buses will be disabled in production and you will measure no activity there. Cheers, Bob

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Thank you everyone for the replies!

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