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Hi everyone! Hoping for some help here.

I have just updated to QuickBooks Pro 2020 and am having an issue. I am trying to set up being able to e-mail out invoices, etc, using my existing Yahoo Pro e-mail account. I am unable to do this (QB is not letting me use the Yahoo account, even though I'm supposed to be able to) and cannot figure it out. I'm on an HP laptop running Google Chrome and Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!

Tom Engineer
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What is the error message you're receiving?

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My Quickbooks did that to me while using IE. Had to run an app, and apply a code for email and go over to Chrome! PAI

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Mike Instructor
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Thanks Tom and Paul, I posted here initially while my wife was on the phone for quite some time with the QuickBooks people trying to find the cause of the problem. We did get it resolved. We had to go to my Yahoo e-mail account and then go to Account Security. Once inside, you have to add "Quickbooks" to the list of default apps. That's all it was. Hopefully this helps someone else because we…

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