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Had one of my local body shop customers call today to inquire about doing a pre / post scan and disable high voltage system for them on a 2017 Tesla Model X. I don't have any software capable to do a complete vehicle scan or to reset SRS and verify proper system functions... Is Tesla doing these remotely? (over air) for body shops? Has anybody had body shop work regarding Tesla Vehicles?? thanks for the input!

Eric Owner/Technician

Hi Bill, Tesla has their own proprietary scan tool/software that is used at Tesla certified body shops and service facilities.

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David Owner/Technician
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Bill, For Model S and Model X you will use Tesla Toolbox 2. For Model 3 and Roadster you will use Tesla Toolbox 3. There are two cables, one for the S/X and one for the 3/Roadster. The software is not designed for a pre or post scan set up, you can scan and see the DTC's but the definitions are not there. Even using the information system you will not get DTC definitions, trouble tree or…

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Jeff Technical Support Specialist
New York

Hello Bill, Tesla has their own software and workshop instructions available to purchase for qualified body shops. It’s a program that is downloaded to your PC and uses an ethernet cable to connect to the vehicle. The functions are limited compared to the Service Centers, but you should be able to scan and clear stored faults and down load programming. If you contact the nearest Service…

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Caleb Technician

All the guys that responded to you are much smarter than me but I'll put my 2 cents. We recently had a Tesla SUV in our body shop. We had to get a Tesla guy to come out , maybe from Chicago?? That's all I know!

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