How thorough are your safety inspections?

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I have a question to I want to present to this group. As we all know performing vehicle inspections is a critical part in not only insuring the safety of the vehicle but of the occupants of the vehicle. It also can provide protection for the other drivers on the road and their occupants as well. 

When we perform a vehicle safety check are we really checking over the complete vehicle? As odd as it seems do you incorporate checking the window systems as part of your safety inspection? How about the door locks? Even better yet, how about the automatic safety locking door locks? If a door lock doesn't lock how are you going to keep the customers safe? On the other hand if a door lock doesn't open when it should wont that possibly be a potential safety hazard? Whether it's electrical or mechanical, window systems and door lock systems should not be overlooked in your safety inspections. 

So the question is do you incorporate these checks in your safety inspections? Food for thought

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At my shop we're doing "digital inspections". We're able to send the customer their inspection complete with pictures, notes, and recommendations via text or email. There's a few companies that I am aware of that offer software like this. The particular setup we have allows for a pretty high level of customization. I've custom built the inspection we use and it's very comprehensive. I'm sure it

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Chad Technician

Bridgestone follows MAP guidelines on everything. Our “complete vehicle inspection “ is only drivetrain related. Doesn’t include anything interior related, not even hvac. Only things exterior are lights. We do get paid .3hrs for it so that helps. Most techs don’t want to do them. What you speak of reminds me of a PDI. I remember running through everything when I did them. Took a little time for

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Frank Service Manager

As we work on European cars, we never operate a rear window or sunroof, we do provide a digital inspection of the entire vehicle - for those that may question the value of an inspection (no, not money) should read this article: linkedin​.​com/pulse/why-ever…

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