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I have been thinking about this for some time. Just not sure who to ask. 

I have been thinking about the mobile diagnostic business. Also a possibility of opening a location. I get several calls a day for assistance, I was thinking as a second job. I know several techs who do repair and body work at night or on weekend. Why couldn’t I do diagnostic work?

I would not want to leave where I work now. Anyone here done or do this?

I feel the main issues with most shops is their diagnostic capabilities, or tooling. 


Gary from Cleveland


Mobile Technician

Figure out what the need is in your area. Network with other shop owners and get a feel for the type of assistance they need. Once that is figured out, decide if you have the tooling and knowledge to provide that type of service. I agree, do not leave your current job. It takes a while to build your reputation and clientele. It is one thing to do it on the side but a whole other thing to make a living at it.

It sounds like you have a good start since you are getting calls to help out. The extra income can also be good to offset the slow times at your shop. Go for it. It is a good opportunity to build business relationships and to be a part of providing quality service to other shop owners and to their customers. To me being mobile is fun and unique. I hope this helps and I wish you well.

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Adrean from Bakersfield



Side hustle . It’s starts by doing the afterwork jobs . build your clients and see how the market is in your area. It won’t hurt keeping your current job and side hustling after work if the shops stay late .

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Dick from Manchester



Hi Joe

There is a guy here in NH that has become quite popular with mobile programming & has many of the factory scanners

He owns a small shop & his appeal is if he can't program it there is no charge 

I am sure he gets stuck from time to time with no pay when he is not successful

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Dick from Manchester



also with pass thru programming this might be short lived

we all know that the "weak" scanners are pretty limited

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Adam from Middle Village



Hi Joe,

I think this comes down to whether or not you want being a mobile diag business part time or eventually wanting it to blossom into a full blown operation. One of the enticing things about being a one man mobile operation is that you have low overhead and you are your own boss. 

Since it also seems like you want to stay at your current work place, would they be ok with your moonlighting as a mobile diag operation? Some companies frown upon that or even have non compete clauses. 

Tooling up for the occasional job can also become costly if you don't make enough to cover your small expenses (well tooling expenses at least).

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