EN-51267-1 Oil Pump Housing Aligner

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2015 Cadillac Escalade 6.2L (J L86 Gas) 8-spd (8L90)

I was looking at an Escalade 6.2l with a possible timing off by one tooth, when I realized I don't have an oil pump alignment tool.

Quick Google search for a 3D printed one, I came across this website.


I figure I could improve on the STL file and redrew it in Solidworks.

I have attached the STL file (in the ZIP file) for other to use and took a picture of the final 3D printed results.

All the measurements are based of the picture from the website and not based on the actual tool (I'll be glad to update any specs if someone has the actual measurements).

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I like it when we can help each other out. Question: Who else has a 3D printer?

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I would check your schools and libraries in your area if you don't have a makerspace in your area. Our local library purchased a polyprinter​.​com/

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