Techline connect intermittently won't lock onto tool

Shane Owner/Technician Arkansas Posted   Latest  
2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 5.3L (0 LMG) 6-spd (6L80)

Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to techline connect, however was a dealer tech with GM before opening up shop, have very rarely had issues with SPS or tis2web, So now we have techline connect, and the first time I got it all installed, I programmed a PCM on a gmt800 without issue, next day could get tool lock on a 2018 colorado, next day performed 2 pcm flashes on both a gmt800 and a cadillac srx, now I'm 3 days into trying to flash this truck and can't get a tool lock. Have tried different java versions, I'm logging into acdelco tds to launch techconnect, all com settings are correct, I've used both an autel j2534 maxiflash and a mac mdt10 vci, without any changes. I even went so far as to update firmware on the autel unit, updated without issue, and am not having any issues with other programs, just tech connect. What gives?

Glenn Owner/Technician

This sounds like a wireless, router or hard line server connection issue. Have you had your provider ping the lines and speed test them? I mention this because I have had issues several times with my ISP. Your service bandwidth may be too low.

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Randy Technician
North Carolina

I am a gm tech…..its techline. We have issues almost every single day with it. Glitch. Buggy, freezing,crashing p.o.s.

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Jesse Owner/Technician

A GM tech support once told me is works best to have automatic updates on your computer turned off, after that i had better success.

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David Technical Support Specialist

Shane, This is an issue we have seen as well. It is not just you or your tool. Contact GM, they are collecting data on these issues, or message me the VIN, account username, and the time of the last occurrence and I can send the information to GM as well. Sorry I cant help more at the moment. Dave …

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Timothy Owner/Technician

SPS2 is a total mess. Just tried a brand new ECM on a LaCrosse yesterday, and it wouldn't even let me try to enter a VIN…and, of course, the ECM was new, so no VIN stored. Took forever to get it to work. What should have been a half hour, turned into two! Ugh. What a pile of crap system. This is a prime example of taking a fully functional system, pretty much glitch-free, and introducing us to…

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