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2012 VPG MV-1 4.6L (A) 4-spd (4R75W)

Does anyone here have experience with a VPG MV-1? Came in with an ABS light on and nothing we have is able to scan it. I’ve trained the snap on line, launch, and FORscan to no avail. After a bit of research I’ve found that these are mostly Ford parts, but I can’t come up with anything for the ABS. I did manage to get their factory software (MVDS)!working with and MDI-2, but I can only talk to the Body, RCM, PCM, and suspension. Looks like I’ll need the factory interface (Isuzu IDSS) to scan it. Wondering if anyone know of some other way to build it or trick it into getting the right protocol to scan it. Thanks in advance. 

Timothy Diagnostician
Brampton, Ontario
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I service a fleet of cabs, I have the oe software and it works with my cardaq no problem, what I have done also back in the beginning is used my ids on the pcm with the tear tag and used my launch on it and looked it up as a montana sv6. That is the brakes that are on the vehicle. Anything that you'd need to know I can get you the info. Cheers

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Timothy Diagnostician
Brampton, Ontario
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Robert Technical Support Specialist
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They have their own scan tool for this vehicle and it is proprietary to most vehicle systems. there are a few dealer left out there we had to locate one for one of our body shops a while back. amgeneral​.​com/mobility-ventu…

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Could check resistance of wheel speed sensors and compare side to side as well as scope the wheel speed sensors while parking lot driving to look for any drop outs. Quick and easy to do and can rule out without a scantool if you havent already done it.

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Andrew Technician
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thank you for all of the responses. I attempted to build it as a Montana as Timothy described to no avail using a Tech 2 and a launch. I went to plan B and just followed the symptom, the ABS light would come on mostly while turning so I looked at the front wheels speed sensor harnesses. An Ohm and wiggle test found a bad spot pretty quick. Had that not worked, plan C was to throw a 4 channel lab…

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I've worked on a couple VPG's myself at a Fleet Auto Repair shop a couple years ago. We had 2, 2012 VPG MV1's. I haven't had any luck myself being able to communicate with the ABS Module. I have tried with both a Snap 0n Modis, and the Matco Launch Pad 2. I can communicate with everything else but the ABS Module. If you are familiar with either the Ford Crown Victoria's or Ford F-250 they share…

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