Programming a Nissan TCM

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Opus IVS
2006 Nissan Frontier LE 4.0L (VQ40DE) 5-spd (RE5R05A)

I have drewtech cardaq M, ners software and a 1 day subscription. I am having problems with accessing the vehicle specific file to make the purchase so I can program the new TCM Nissan website is not helpful, been waiting a while for support from them as well. Maybe someone here has the time and knowledge of what might be missing. 

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It used to be so easy to figure out what to program those to. Now unless you’re lucky it’s plug the old one back in and see what’s in it or call a friendly dealer the get the programmed to number. Helm or whoever manages that anymore says Nissan knows they screwed it up but that is no fix coming to their knowledge. At least that’s what I was told a month or so ago

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Bryan Mobile Technician
New Berlin, Wisconsin
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Can you share the VIN# ?

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Roberto Diagnostician
Fremont, California
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Is this transmission a CVT? if it is a CVT you may no be able to use the file, I have a J2534 box and Am not able to program a nissan CVT don't know why but I know that per experience, we already try and nissan won't let us do it because a CVT. Good luck. Sorry, I see is no a CVT, dismiss my comment.

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Chris Owner/Technician
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Log in to Nissan 4 parts and put in the vin and go to transmission and look for whole assembly and you can usually find which one it is the only 2 ways to know for sure is to plug in old one or call dealer and they can pull it up in fast for you if they feel like being nice (usually helps if you bought the part drone them)

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Gil Technician
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I’ve had better luck with drew tech support over OE ,they provide good information

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Jeff Owner/Technician
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Got it fixed, Something happened with a windows on my pc, ners could not find the files, I had to work with nissan to clear out ners and reinstall. Problem solved. Thanks for the replies.

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