Gen 1 Volt LUU CKP - CMP - Coil Current - Injector Current Waveforms

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2013 Chevrolet Volt 1.4L (4 LUU) (4ET50)—1G1RH6E46DU109472
Coil Current
Injector Current
Known Good

CKP vs CMP-E & CMP-I 1.4 LUU 4 cylinder from the 1st Gen Volt

Waveform 1 Zoomed Out

Waveform 2 Zoomed In

Pico Waveform

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Fantastic, Scott! Having access to the file is so far beyond a simple screenshot that it's not just a different ballgame, it's a different sport.

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Scott, I like how I can choose to either view the images from within the message or open them in a separate tab. The best of both worlds, nice. Also the zoom function works nice as it allows me to blow it up and then pan the image. The download feature is nice too. Thanks

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