Bricked or not?

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2006 Hummer H3 3.5L (6) 4-spd (4L60-E)
Ebcm Programming Failure

We currently finished reasembling a custom 2006 Hummer H3 which is somewhat built on the Chevy Colorado chassis. One of the problems that was addressed was a failed EBCM which we replaced with a new dealer unit. Using GM SPS and a MDI module, we attempted to program the new unit. The new unit originally had a calibration number there but after programming failed and gave the error E4491, it only shows asterisks. We tried 5 times to get the unit programmed but it never got past 6 to 10% before failing again. 

--battery voltage was stable

--we successfully reprogrammed other modules on this vehicle with the same setup

--all connections and grounds have been checked

I read on this forum that Chevy Trailblazers of the same year are very finicky to program and the modules are easy to brick. The Hummer shares some of the same modules. I haven't tried taking the other modules offline but I will if there's still a chance with this module. Just as a second test, we tried reprogramming the old module since only the mechanical side failed. Same exact problem occurred. 

Is it definitely bricked? 

Could the Body Control Module cause this since it manages the data bus? 

Is it possible to bench program this unit? 

Robert Mobile Technician

I doubt the module is bad due to the failed flash but I suppose anything is possible. Is there anything aftermarket on the vehicle that is tied into the bus? Remote start, radio, GPS? Personally I would pick another module to flash and see if completes successfully. That way you know if it's garbage on the bus or not. As far as bench programming, that's entirely possible but you need to check a

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Rick Diagnostician

We see a lot of Trailblazer/H3 issues here and the only way to consistently program them successfully is with the Tech 2. If it is done as Tech 2 remote it should not care if there is no calibration number present. GM SPS support may be also able to help you with a VCI number to attempt a reflash if all else fails.

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Michael Mobile Technician

Mike, Sometimes pass-through tools fail because they are feeding the information faster than the module can take. Kind of like feeding a baby when you are in a hurry and more ends up on their face then in their stomach. As Rick has mentioned the Tech 2 slows things enough that it will usually recover nicely. It will also read the module ID even when the memory is corrupt.

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Mike Mobile Technician
South Carolina

I would agree that the tech 2 programming is likely ideal. I have programmed trailblazers successfully with a passthrough but I have also had them fail. In one instance specifically I had a Colorado ABS module fail. The SI said to unplug the OnStar module. I couldn't find it so I thought I was being slick by pulling the power fuses. I'm pretty sure that's what caused the programming failure

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