Locked Odometer 09 Saturn Aura

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2009 Saturn Aura XE 2.4L (B) 6-spd (6T40)
Locked Odometer

Hopefully this is a quick one for someone. Came from another shop where it has been a multiple comeback for intermittent blower operation. They had put multiple used body modules in it thinking they were going bad. Diagnosed a voltage drop in one of the power feed circuits to bcm and repaired terminal.

They also complained of odometer not working and I know a used bcm or cluster will lock the odometer but do both have to be replaced to get it working or will a new BCM learn the VIN key on and get it working again?

Thanks in advance!

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Do a reset on the modules, is this Saturn equiped with OnStar? If it DOES NOT then disconect the battery, and keep both battery terminals touching for 5 minutes. During that time that the battery terminals are connected together just push on the brake pedal a couple times to discharge the capictors. Then go ahead, and reconnect the battery, and do the BCM learn you wanted to do. If the Saturn

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As I recall, if you get a new BCM, it will ask you for the miles during programming and setup thru SPS. Those vehicles do not tolerate used BCMs.

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Is the cluster still showing the original miles or did they change ?

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Hi Joseph: In my experience, getting rid of the VIN mismatch should address the issue. I'm unsure if the cluster on this vehicle is just a display or a module. (No service information here.) If it is a module, there's that VIN mismatch again, if you go used. I'm unsure of your vehicle but VIN in cluster couldn't be over-written on a couple that I've had. (The rebuilder mixed up the cluster for

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A very handy document you will want on file if you have similar questions on GM is "Document ID 4633850" which may also be listed as a TSB Jan 6, 2017 #…L. It contains a chart with the mileage storage data for GM models. Here is a snippet;

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Joseph Technician
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Thanks Everyone got this one squared away. They ended up sucking it up and getting a new bcm and brought it to me. No actual programming was needed ( Other than unlocking the Radio that they had stuck in there that matched the bcm they had put in so they didn't have to try and get it unlocked). All that was needed was coding with a tech2. Sorry about the basic nature of the question, but I

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