Ford Powerstroke Diesel Tech Tips Webinar: Part 2

Mike Instructor Fresno, California Posted   Edited  

I will be presenting a one hour Ford Powerstroke Diesel Technician Power Tips webinar (part 2) on June 25. It will be offered twice. Once at 7 PM Eastern time, and again at 7 PM Pacific time. It is a continuation of the Part 1 webinar presented on June 11. The class size is limited to 100 seats and both June 11 classes were sold out.

I will present a 26 year compilation of some extremely helpful information including obscure service and repair info, tech tips, and useful tools that will help you the very next day in your everyday diagnosis and repair of Ford Powerstroke Diesel engines.

You did not need to attend Part 1 in order to attend this webinar. Part 2 will be just as beneficial to you whether you attended Part 1 or not.

$29.00 USD by June 22 2020. $49.00 USD after.

I have attached the information and registration form to this post.