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2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 3.0L (642.896) 5-spd (W5A380)—WDAPF4CC5F9626094
Will Not Complete Cat Or O2 Monitor After Driving 100 Miles

Vehicle had fuel filter concern, we corrected and cleared codes, of course smog notice came a week later, trying to get monitors to complete.

Have driven over 100 miles in different conditions, 6 were not complete at the start, now have CAT and O2 not complete

Michael Inspector
Riverside, California
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Diesel's are allowed any 2 monitors to be incomplete. I would test the vehicle. Also the sprinters have special exemptions i copied below. Might be of help in the future. -Mercedes … Sprinter 2500 Sprinter 3500 (diesel) -Vehicle fails for Permanent Fault Codes P202A, P203A, P208A, P20B9, P20BD, P20BE or P20FA Vehicle not self-clearing permanent fault code. Seeking solution with…

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Gene Owner
Glendora, California
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Thank you, brain fart, just have to have my guys read the BAR chart I have by the smog machine. Appreciate the reply Gene

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Matthew Mobile Technician
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Does the O2 sensor monitor include NOx sensor testing within it? If so, unplug the DEF doser and take the vehicle for a 15 minute drive. You will likely set codes, but monitor the NOx sensors. With the doser unplugged they should be pretty close to each other. There may be some rationality issue that isn't enough to code suspending the monitor. Sprinters are pretty bad for setting codes for NOx…

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Randy Diagnostician
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What a sprinter with a exhaust leak ha ha . My first check

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