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Good day members. Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share a new YouTube publisher with you all. Atom's Workshop. Adam is his name. Please stop by and subscribe to give him support. 

He has been premiering the latest, and very affordable, ATO1104. The new 4 Channel Tablet Oscilloscope made by MicSig comes with automotive presets. If you go to SainSmart​.​com (not a sponsor) and search ATO1104, you will see it is currently $699 with free shipping. Some of you may have seen Super Mario's videos when he started out with a TO1104. 

If anybody currently has a TO1104, Adam, from Atom's Workshop, shared with me that MicSig will upgrade your scope to the ATO1104. $199 license for the new software. I just emailed MicSig concerning how to pay this fee and download the new software to my TO1104. 

Mohamed Engineer

Hi Billy were you able upgrade your scope to ATO1104?, I bought the TO1104 and I want to upgrade it

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