Intermittent Component Shutdown For Second

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Network Communications
2010 Volkswagen Touareg Comfortline 3.6L (BHK) 6-spd (09D)
A/C And Radio... Shutdown For Second Then It Start Again And Warning Message In The Instrument Appear At Same Time(Key Symbol System Fault Workshop)


when ignition is on or engine is running, intermittent a/c and radio shutdown suddenly with warning message on instrument on some other symtoms for second then it works again .

scanner read many faults related to lost communication between all modules,each module say that it lost communication with others modules.

you can see the problem when happen on the video and photo.


plz help

Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Aly, It would be good to hook up a lab scope to the CAN network involved. See if the network is shorting to power, shorting to ground or going open. I would look at connections that may have gotten wet from crossing rivers or rain intrusion. -Mike

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Aly Diagnostician
Congo City, Congo
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Hi Mr Michael, At the moment my scope not available with me bcz i send it to my second repair shop on another country. as you say i have can bus failure somewhere on the car.i find the parking assist module with some corrosion ,i disconnect it but problem still. plz more advice.

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Steve Instructor
Irvine, California
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Do you have all the codes from all the modules? It would be a great help in determining the faulty module.

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Robert Diagnostician
Fair Oaks, California
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Check your terminating resitance of the network. Should be 60 ohms. A lab scope would be helpful. Do you have comunication codes in radio and a/c control? They maybe the problem not the symptom of the problem. With a labscope you can watch pattern and unplug suspected modules and see if network pattern fixes itself when module unplugged. Need to look a network disgram and see what modules have…

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Saul Owner
Houston, Texas
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It will be a good idea to do an auto scan, also remember on those cars the instrument cluster is the gateway. Double check your powers and grounds, as others mentioned check your resistance between 6 and 14 on the DLC connector hoping you get approx. 60 ohms, and if your scope is not available at least check voltage between pin 4 and 6, also between 4 and 16.

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Saifullah Diagnostician
Ottawa, Ontario
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Its gotta be a power supply issue. Plus, there are about 10 different types of stereo systems on these things. Which one do you have?

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Paul Mechanic
Harvey, Illinois
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It looks like you gutted dash-what is the device with the red led that remains lit when you experience issue? Any aftermarket devices? As others have mentioned-sans scope- try reading can bus line at dlc and watch voltage during issue. May point you into a direction while your scope is down. Regardless, without scope, your guessing, which isn't good for anyone.

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Chris Technician
Matawan, New Jersey
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I have had two of these 2006 an 2009 having bad random communication issues in the past both had sunroof leaking water down left a pillar . Both had corroded comm splice under left front carpet about A foot into the sheathing , when water pours down the pillar to kick panel it fills sheathing up . Splice is only wrapped in electrical tape. Might be worth a quick look for water intrusion.

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Aly Diagnostician
Congo City, Congo
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hi Chris , thanks for your advice. i already check that splice,it is in good condition.

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Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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It looks like the radio is going through a reboot or power cycle. Monitor the power feeds to see if they remain steady when the fault occurs. That could give you some direction.

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