mercedes benz GLA 250. 4matic currently unavaliable

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2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 4Matic 2.0L (270.920) 7-spd (7G-DCT)
No Crank / No Start

Hi all I have a 2014 mercedes benz gla 250 with a duel clutch transmission that I cant talk to. With ignition on the cluster says 4matic currently unavailable. Car wont crank. There are only 4 wires going inside the transmission, power, ignition feed, and two can wires. When scoping the comms network all data seems ok. [Not shorting or open good signals]the other wire which comes from ignition switch, when turned on there is no signal to transmission but when the ignition is turned of I get a 12 volt signal for about 3 seconds. The car has had a new steering control module which also includes the select control module. Anyone come across this problem before thanks. 

Marvin Owner/Technician

Pins 1 and 3 are Can communication lines. Pin 2 are Aux power from EIS. Pin 5 is power coming from fuse box F58/fuse 202 or fuse 217. Pin 5 should have constant power when key is on. The transmission module gets a ground from the case.

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