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The Super Saturday event is coming up in less than 2 months. SAVE THE DATE October 13th at the Automotive Training Center - 900 Johnsville BLVD. Warminster, PA . Do not miss out of this great event! Both Management and Technical training will be available to attendees.

More information can be found at paautotraining​.​com

Brandon Diagnostician
Bristol, Pennsylvania
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Thanks, Brian

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Jim Mobile Technician
Southampton, Pennsylvania
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Brian, The local ASA-PA group has really been working hard to get this training event up to where it should be. They did a GREAT job last year and this year's event is looking to take it up another notch. See you there, My Friend.

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Pete Mechanic
Newark, Delaware
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The ASA-PA team has really turned this into a "must attend" event, good job ASA-PA!

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Michael Diagnostician
Holt, Michigan
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I can personally vouch for this event its a great time with great training. We will have some new talent in the class rooms with Brandon Steckler which is gonna be a class not to be missed plus many other very talented individuals. So if you can make it come join us and we can all learn together and network afterwards

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Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Thanks Mike!

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David Diagnostician
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Thanks for your support Brian, we are trying to finalize a few last details that is sure to get a lot of attention. Some of the classes are filling up rather quickly so Super Saturday is sure to be special again this year.

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