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2004 GMC Envoy SLE 4.2L (S LL8) 4-spd (4L60-E) — 1GKDT13S942337695

1GKDT13S… Replaced and flashed new cluster-j2534​.​Odometer now reads 0. What tool or procedure to remedy this ?

Charles Owner/Technician
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There should be a setup procedure right next to the Programming on TIS that launches a wwindow to program mileage on a new cluster

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Michael Mobile Technician
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On newer GM models there is a process of intake and exhale for mileage within TIS. I believe they call it a setup procedure. On older ones you normally will have the mileage set by GM before shipment. You could try the AutoProPad as it has functions for mileage however I have not tried it on a GM yet. There are many locksmiths that have this tool. If there is a speedometer shop in your area they…

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David Technical Support Specialist
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It looks like there is a bulletin on this. #…D. It refers to a programming setting within SPS for "IPC Setup" function. Also bulletin #…P is an IPC Odometer Programming Quick Reference Guide.

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Dave Owner/Technician
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Exactly right. Setup Procedure right next to programming. Thank you For the help!

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Todd Mobile Technician
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One other thing. If the replacement cluster requires mileage to be written to it, do not drive the vehicle any more than approximately 9-10 miles or else you will not be able to write the mileage. Also, be careful to choose miles or kilometers when peforming the function.

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