PICO Releases 4823 , 8 channel Automotive Scope

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With the release of the Pico Auto 8 channel Scope, there are many questions.  diag​.​net/file/f38qj59r6…

The Answer to the top 6 questions being asked: 

  1. Yes! It is real
  2. Its a shared/common ground scope
  3. Input voltage is 50v per channel (overvoltage protection of 100v per channel)
  4. No, Connect Detect doesn't work for this model
  5. Yes! It runs on automotive software
  6. Yes! Purchasing just the 4823 Scope module is possible

4823 vs 4425 in a snapshot 

  • - 50V vs 200V inputs
  • - 80MS/s vs 400MS/s
  • - Common ground vs Floating inputs
  • - No ConnectDetect™ vs ConnectDetect™

If you have any questions and can't seem to find the answers to them, by all means comment below and I will make sure to get you the best help available. 

More detailed specifications: 

  • - The scope includes protection fuses on the eight inputs
  • - fast enough for CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay including serial data decoding
  • - pre-configured for automotive probes
  • - compatible with Pico Automotive software which includes more than 150 Guided tests
  • - provides access to the Pico waveform library which now supports 8 channels
  • - 12-bit resolution
  • - 20 MHz bandwidth
  • - 256 MS buffer memory
  • - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface

Maximum sampling rate (real time):  1-4 channels in use 80 MS/s 5-8 channels in use 40 MS/s

  • Maximum sampling rate  (continuous streaming mode) 20 MS/s using PicoScope 6 software
  • 80 MS/s per channel using supplied API,
  • 160 MS/s total across all channels (PC-dependent)
  • Vertical resolution 12 bits (up to 16 bits in enhanced resolution mode)
  • DC accuracy ±1% of full scale ±300 μV
  • Input sensitivity 2 mV/div to 10 V/div (10 vertical divisions)
  • Input ranges (full scale) ±10 mV to ±50 V in 12 ranges
  • Buffer memory 256 MS shared between active channels
  • Timebase ranges 20 ns/div to 5000 s/div

Further Reading and Resources for Pico 4823 and options related to: 



Michael Technician
Michael Default

Would like it if the scope had a bit higher resolution like the 4425.

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Stuart Owner/Technician
United Kingdom
Stuart Default

Eight channels sounds great but here in UK it comes at a very high price with tax it’s over £ 2,000 how does that equate over the pond or elsewhere. I doubt I could justify the ourchase based on the number of times I’ve needed more than 4 inputs If I’m honest. Perhaps is a trade up scheme was initiated I might be tempted ..As well as 8 channels a decent laptop is going to be essential to process…

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Ralph Technician
Ralph Default

For that price you could just buy two four channel scopes lmao

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William Technician
South Carolina
William Default

If that price is just for the scope, that comes out to about 2,500 dollars. The standard 4 channel picoscope by itself is about 1200 I believe, so 1200 more for 4 additional channels. So the cost is essentially the same on that front. I am really the only one in my shop that uses an oscilloscope so I would rather have the 8 channel over 2 four channels, if I have to spend that level of money.

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Samuel Technician
New Jersey
Samuel Default

Not sold on 8 Channels yet...overkill or building for the future? I do see the NEED for a 2 channel and a 4 channel is convenient. However, with a uscope (for convenience), a 2 channel, test light and multi meter, is there anything out there in the automotive world we cannot solve? Hope I am not sounding like a pessimist, simply my first thought.

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Dmitriy Analyst
Dmitriy Default

The Pico team has posted a case study that uses more than 4 channels: picoauto​.​com/library/case-s…

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Justin Technical Support Specialist
Justin Default

Excellent example. One of the exact reasons I would use more than 4

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Matt Diagnostician
Matt Default

It isn't that you need 8 all that much. But 5...6...that would come in very handy from time to time, and I'm not even thinking of the situations where you grasping at straws.

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