Adapt or Die - A Look Ahead

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THA 174 Adapt or Die - A Look Ahead

If you are looking for some great talk radio, the kind of talk that will push you and help solidify your deep think, you’ve come to the right place. We are sharing the theme Adapt or Die. A strong way to push you to think about change and your future.

You are about to hear some brilliant discussion from an outstanding panel that includes Carolyn Coquillette, Luscious Garage, San Francisco and CEO ShopWare, Sheri Hamilton, ED, MWACA, Midwest Auto Care Alliance who also puts on Vision Kansas City, Chris Cloutier, Golden Rule Auto Care, Dallas TX and CEO Auto Tex me and Scott Brown, Connie and Dicks and CEO of Diagnostic Network. diag​.​net

My panel brought so many concepts, ideas, insights and above all offered a strong direction you need to take to march into the new normal as you adapt to a new world and way of doing business. 

No need to take notes, yet you may want to,however, as a fan of the show you know we create the key talking points that will make a great meeting agenda find them for this episode at remarkableresults​.​biz/a174