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Lindertech North is coming back to Saskatoon for a fall session Sept 13-15. Management and technician training by top instructors in the industry. Rick White, Scott Shotton and Scot Manna will lead the training. These are the best of the best and we are honored to have such quality coming to Saskatoon again. Sutherland Automotive is hosting the event at their training center. Any questions please message me or contact Leah Cochrane @ … or … 

Special thank you to Leah and John Cochrane for their hard work, dedication and passion for this industry

Best to save the picture to your desktop to view the whole picture or open in a new tab. I can also email a pdf if anyone needs. 

Thanks for reading. 

Bill Technician

I am signed up and ready to learn!

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Tyler Technician
Nova Scotia

Sounds like some great training! Does lindertech do any events east of Ontario? Im on the east coast not much training out here at all. Would be awesome to have something like this in one of the maritime provinces!

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Sean Diagnostician

Lindertech north has always been held in Toronto. They usually run twice a year; spring and fall. This is the first year John has tried to go west. We had a spring class and now this fall class. I will talk to John next week and post any T.O classes for the future.

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Ryan Technician

I wish I had known about this earlier. Oh well, maybe next year.

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