Rewrapping individual wires

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When the wire insulation deteriorates at one spot in a harness, does anyone have any good methods for rewrapping the individual wires without removing the entire harness? None of the wires are broken. They just need insulation from each other. Electrical tape is kind of difficult because the roll of tape doesn't fit between the individual wires unless I spent hours removing the entire harness so I could separate out all the wires. Cutting and splicing is difficult in areas with little access. Just wondering if anyone has a method they like to use.

Hollis Technician
Boulder, Colorado
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I use a 1/4" drive deep socket and wrap electrical tape around it, then you've got a small roll of tape that you can get into tight places.

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Steven Mechanic
Spokane, Washington
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Hey, that's pretty clever. I can give that a try. Thanks.

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Phillip Diagnostician
Anchorage, Alaska
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Liquid electrical tape. down side is you have to wait for it to dry.

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Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington
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Stephen, wrap the tape backwards, with the sticky side out, that way you can roll the tape on the wire easier.

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Robert Technician
Deltona, Florida
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I use a straight but connector and wrap it with tape. Thus you can always have it wrapped to perform it.

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Olle Instructor
Albert Lea, Minnesota
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Yep, that's how I do it as well. Works good.

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Sean Technician
Cincinnati, Ohio
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It's expensive but they have heat shrink called zip and it's open sleeved to slip around

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Sean Technician
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Pat Technician
Carson, California
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My life is now complete...thanks for that. I had no idea it existed

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Abraham Diagnostician
Pasadena, California
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SRPE-125F-0-C google it.

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Corey Owner/Technician
Kenton, Ohio
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zippertubing​.​com/products/heat… This stuff should work also.

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Leonard Owner/Technician
Pueblo, Colorado
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Personally, if there is a section of wire that has degraded insulation in that area, I like to cut the wire at that spot, use UN-insulated butt connectors, slip two sections of shrink tubing over one of the wires, one just about 1/4" longer than the other, then crimp the connection. Then slide the longest section of shrink tube over the butt connector and shrink it. Then slip the other section…

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George Owner/Technician
Mobile, Alabama
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I have used fiber glass sleeving (split length wise) for some jobs .then cover the bundle of wiring with loom sleeving diag​.​net/file/f28cr7dal… diag​.​net/file/f6aqye5j8…

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Hi Steven: I use a 1/4" drive extension. The amount of work area determines the length that I can use. HTH, Guido

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Marlin Technician
Estacada, Oregon
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I always keep a small roll of tape (a large roll mostly used); this can be flattened, then rolled through small spaces. I also sometime apply the tape longitudinally to the wire. Liquid electrical tape is the trick for other applications.

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Glen Owner/Technician
Arthur, Illinois
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Without seeing the exact scenario, what about hot glue?

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Bill Technical Support Specialist
Mesa, Arizona
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Save all those tail end rolls of electrical tape. If you need smaller you will need to roll your own on small pieces of doweling.

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Steven Mechanic
Spokane, Washington
Steven Update

Thanks for all the responses. I ended up using a yellow butt connector and wrapping electrical tape around that to make a mini roll of tape. Works great! Have a good day everyone.

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Brett Mobile Technician
Werrington Downs, Australia
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If it's difficult to access use some liquid electrical tape​.​It takes time to cure but you brush it on.I myself have just used it on some wiring and it works well

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Timothy Mechanic
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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Hi Steven, I like to use this, cut to whatever size I need: 3m​.​com/3M/en_US/compa… Tim

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