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2018 Honda Civic Coupe 1.5L (L15B7)

My question is can i use a used module will it need programming i do not know the procedure this is why I am truly asking and if so is the Autel ms906bt or Launch x431 v pro capable of this install . I have checked all powers, grounds and communication lines the module is dead it's just that I have never installed a abs module before . So i am trying to see if it is possible for me to install this module my self with out giving it up to the DEALERSHIP hoping for some input . I have seen 05 Hondas seems to just need some coding thanks and would appreciate any and all help please thank you .

Norman Technical Support Specialist
Santa Tecla, El Salvador
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Hello my friend, I changed the civic 2017 ABS and only programing steering and weight sensor with launch X431 pro3

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Jamie Owner/Technician
Greenwood, South Carolina
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I recently did a 17 accord with a used module. Was pretty straight forward. I did mine with a snap on but I am pretty sure autel will do it to

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Tito Owner/Technician
Clifton, New Jersey
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I also did a 20017 Accord with used ABS module and no coding or programming needed. Used a Autel to set steering.

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Nolan Technician
Nassau , Bahamas
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WAITING ON THE MODULE , so i thought I would gather as much information on the procedure as possible to make shore i do the job as best as it can be done . I will update everyone on the outcome of the job as soon as it is completed . I am new to trying to program / code modules so am very appreciative of being able to ask what must seem as dumb questions . This is the first help request i have…

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Robert Mobile Technician
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I have done these before. The issue is the part is component protected. Here is what Honda Service Information of America states. Not sure if it affects you or not. But you may have problems. Having good service information may help you from having problems.

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Jamie Owner/Technician
Greenwood, South Carolina
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Not a dumb question. Every one has to start somewhere. Even the experts had no idea when they got started. You do your research and learn as you go

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Nolan Technician
Nassau , Bahamas
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Thank you very much for the encouragement sir I truly appreciate it .

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