Jaguar Transmission Control Swap

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2004 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L (A AJ27) 5-spd (JF506E)

A customer asked me to program a used transmission controller for a Jaguar he was working on. Instead of trying factory software to do the job, I decided to go EEPROM. I questioned whether the VIN was stored in EEPROM and if it would be a problem. The process was straightforward. The box was easy to open. I make sure I label both parts of the box and the main board. The EEPROM is easy to identify. This the ID covered by sticker. It could have been and erasable EEPROM so I left the sticker in place. I recognized it next to the Infineon processor. On this one I did not have the proper adapter for the EEPROM to read it and copy, so I swapped the EEPROM using a hot air rework station. I then used flux and reflowed the solder. I used a small iron to resolder the EEPROM back in. You can see the sticker got pretty hot. These chips can handle the hot air. Just don't keep it on too long or go too hot. Watch out for small resistors and capacitors next to the EEPROM. It is easy to knock them out of place or loose them BTDT.







Maynard Technician

What is a generic "safe" temperature to run a hot air station at to do that type of chip removal and reinstall?

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Michael Mobile Technician

Hi Maynard, There may be some more expert out there with a more accurate answer. I run my station at 350 Celsius. I have not had any problems at this temperature.

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