New Information On Security Skim Codes

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Recently I have been informed that Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, fiat vehicles trying to obtain a skim security pin code from a authorized (FCA) dealership that they are only allowing 10 of those security pin codes to be given out per day, This includes dealership technicians and customers. You need this security pin code for some module replacements like PCM, RFH, BCM, WCM (ignition modules) and for adding or replacing key fobs. Now you can always get your own security pin code at (moparkeycode​.​com) but this requires a LSID lock smith license and they charge per security pin code request.

Chris Diagnostician

Recently? That kicked into effect for my town 2 years ago. They don't give them out period.

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Jaime Diagnostician

It's not true to my knowledge. There are some who insist on not giving them to competitors (Independent aftermarket shops), others who willingly provide them with a module purchase and many in between. If your dealer refuses, take your business to one more willing to let you do your job. Side note: At one time I read the dealers HAVE to supply the vehicle owner with it. Recently, a local

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