No Wireless Ignition Switch or BCM Wake Up

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2015 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L (T EZH) 8-spd (8HP70) — 2C3CDXCT6FH915816
No Ignition Switch Operation
Bcm No Comm

Hello DN.

I have this 2015 Dodge Charger towed to my shop with customer complaint that vehicle stalled while driving (I personally do not believe his side of the story), I have communication with all modules except BCM even the ignition is off (can't turn it on) I then bypass Ignition Run Relay under hood to on to check for codes. I checked for CAN Network and its a clean.

I have no controls on door lock cycle, trunk, flasher, keyless remote (fob), I have checked power and grounds to BCM and Wireless Ignition Module.

Have anyone run into this problem before?

Jeremy Technical Support Specialist

This has either an ignition node or a keyless ignition node, not a WIN module. In a nutshell the RFHub needs to see a response from the BCM at key on otherwise it can ignore the ignition input from the KIN/IGN. If there are no codes in the RFHUB and you do not see the ignition positions changing with the key/push button, than focus on the lack of BCM communication first.

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Robert Technician

Star Topology has several connections to the DLC instead of just the Gateway as in previous networks .Probably Radio and IPC so scanner communication remains a go and not handcuffed .. Does the FOB wake the bus up from sleep from 0volt flat line .

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Arsalan Update

Customer took the vehicle back to carmax, it was still under warranty.

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