Possible steering module issue

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2005 Volkswagen Touareg 4.2L (AXQ) 6-spd (09D)—WVGCM77L25D002497
Security Theft / No Start

Hello everyone. I have this 2005 Toureg with a no start immobilizer active message on the IPC. So far my diag shows access module is not sending signal to terminal 15 relay. I jumped it and still nothing powers on. Ipc doesn't power in either when you turn the switch. I just need some insight on how this system works. I'm unsure where to continue in my diag process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Craig Apprentice
Commack, New York

Hi Tomi Sounds like you have the dreaded steering lock control unit fault. You can jump the main terminal 15 which the start access control unit is connected to, just to read faults in the start access control unit and look at mvb 25 for lock out time.

On "SOME" Autel tools, they have a wake up function that might help you.

Steering column has to verify the key and pass the message on to the start access control module(Kessy). Every time you turn the key on in the vehicle and the key is not recognized, you will add 5 minutes to your lock out time insuring that will never be able to turn the key on. Thanks Volkswagen!

To install a new steering column you will need odis ( factory software).

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Mike Technical Support Specialist
Mississauga, Ontario

Hi Tomi, 

If there is a fault with the steering column lock that prevents the wheel from unlocking then the access start module will not provide terminal 15 power. Sometimes you can switch the hazards on to keep the databus awake and establish communication with the module. If you are able to clear the fault memory and erase the DTC for the electronic steering column lock solenoid this is sometimes enough to restore operation and allow you to unlock the column and switch the ignition on to start the vehicle. Not sure on VW Touareg but Audi Q7 we were fitting a new steering column as the access/start auth module with the solenoid was integrated to the column. Another option would to be obtain used but you will need software capable of adapting the new module. 

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Mike Technical Support Specialist
Mississauga, Ontario

jumped the gun here, didn't read the immobilizer warning part separate issue apologies!

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Steve Owner/Technician
Northwich, United Kingdom

This is normally an issue with the steering column module.

When a global scan is done are there any fault codes or modules that aren't responding?

Here's the factory wiring diagram if it helps.



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Tomi Diagnostician
Chicago, Illinois

Hello everyone. My apologies for the late reply was waiting for a actual fix. So first thank you to everyone who helped me and special thanks to Craig Shippy for calling me and explaining the diagnostic process. We definitely condemned the steering module, but unfortunately customer declined repairs since he wanted to install a used module and I refused to do so. Again thank you all for the help. Have a great day. 

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Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York

Awesome Tomi!! I'm glad Craig was able to help you.

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