MUST WATCH!!!!! SCRS Presents: The Hidden Dangers of Vehicle Technology, Improper Repairs and Your Liability

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I got this sent to me by Jorge Menchu.

It's 2 hours.

It's worth it.

The discussion talks about following procedures as well as modification(s) and the liability the SHOP may be faced with.

You, as an owner, manager or technician may make a financial decision concerning what you will invest to service a vehicle, a group of twelve of your peers may then make a financial decision for you and what do you/we have to fall back on?

There's a brilliant comparison of "us" to the medical field and liability immunity. Lots to think about, lots we need to discuss and come up with a plan and answer(s).



Bob from West Chicago


Mobile Technician

I like the stuff the women lawyer says about regulation and I'm also a non regulation type person.


Scott from Claremont



I agree, but if we don't take charge then someone who doesn't understand our industry will step in and tell us how to do it. We all know how it goes when a disconnected entity comes in and tells us how to do it...


Scott from Claremont



I've been listening to this this morning and like Bob said, Erica is fired up. Lots of great comments and perspective being shared. Check minute ~51:00 for the discussion about the FAA and their safety standards and why they exist. I've been recommending that we consider tailoring standards and or regulations from another industry that parallels our and it's the Aviation Industry IMHO.

Here is a link to Erica Eversman's Automotive Educational Policy Institute Facebook Page.


Jorge from Fresno



This video is an excellent companion to original posted video. If you do not watch the whole video at least scrub and play at 44:25.