Used ABS Module in a 2008 Mini cooper

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Hello everybody. I need help because I got a call today, from another shop for a Mini Cooper coding module issue. The guys replaced the ABS module with a used (salvage) one and ask me if I can recode this module. I do a lot of programming on BMW with my Autel Maxisys Elite but it's the first time I met a guy who put a used unit. Is someone can tell me if it's possible to recode this module or do we have to use only a brand new ABS unit on this car?

Thank you for any help.

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Leon Owner/Technician

ISTA P should be able to do a used module.

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Chris Technician
New Zealand

If you're familiar with Tool32 you can re-write the VIN with that.

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Robert Owner/Technician
United Kingdom

Hi, We have online ISTA but used Autel PT to program a used ABS modulator on a 2014 BMW 1 Series, same family so guess Autel should be OK on your Mini.

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Herman Instructor

Hello Daniel, Yes you can recode an reprogram a used ABS module on Minis, coding with Autel is possible since it supports most BMW and Mini coding and programming option for most modules, for your Mini though, for any reason if not supported by Autel you can code and program it using ISTAP available ou manufacturer service website

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