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I'm looking into various ways to check for a blown head gasket. Our 4 gas analyzer hasn't worked in quite some time. Right now we are using block test liquid and I know from using the 4 gas analyzer and the block test liquid back to back on the same vehicle that the liquid doesn't detect a blown head until its rather large. I purchased a combustible gas detector to help find evap leaks on a land rover and I was wondering what kind of success you guys might have had using a combustible leak detector for blown head gaskets. Its a TIF8900 and the manual says it detects gasoline at a very low PPM amount. I've tried it on one vehicle and it was picking up something in the cooling system but the block test fluid did not change colors.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sometimes I have had to pull the spark plugs on the suspect cylinder(s) and put pressure tester too it . Pump it up and leave it till the end of the day. Keep pumping it up and then at end of day crank it over. the one(s) with the blown gasket will shoot antifreeze out of the spark plug hole. Some may not agree with this method. Others will have a different solution. I have not had much luck…

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James Diagnostician
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If you have a leak down tester hook up to the suspect cylinder and put your ear to the radiator. Should be able to hear the coolant bubbling in the radiator. Also if you have a pressure Transducer and oscilloscope you can put that on the radiator while cranking as well.

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Scott Owner/Technician
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Make sure the cooling system is full. When you put pressure on any cylinder, how much should the antifreeze level in the tank move? The correct answer is zero. Look at coolant level as a "water pressure gauge". If it moves AT ALL you have found a problem.

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Justin Business Development Manager
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Hi Cody, Have a look at the Bullseye leak detector from ATS. Because it uses Co2 as the gas detection it can be used to check for blown head gasket. It works on Evap, A/C and any sealed system to check for leaks. It's a much more effective way of finding leak detection issues rather than smoke machines. Watch the blown head gasket video here > youtu​.​be/TYHRh8ACca4 We do have…

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Darren Mechanic
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Just get the 4 gas fixed.

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Cody Diagnostician
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the 4 gas is an old snap on counsellor II. snap on says they can't get the sensor for it.

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Cody Diagnostician
Carbondale, Illinois
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Thanks for the advise. We used the coolant level and coolant pressure gauge trick and it picked up a blown head gasket on a vehicle that we've been having trouble with. I think I'm going to try that combustible gas detector along with these other tests to try to see if it works.

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