2012 Toyota Camry LE 2.5L

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Customer complaint is no heat coming out of vents when heat setting requested this is a manual A/C circuit. verified complaint scanned Hvac control unit retrieved trouble codes b1441,b1442,b1443,b1497 checked for good PIG feeds at the a/c amplifier had no power on pin 21 at the a/c amplifier which is hot at all times supplied by fuse A/C B 7.5 A in Instrument panel J/B(under left side of dash) checked fuse and it was blown replaced fuse and cleared codes heater operation returned and no codes set I’m not satisfied still wondering what caused the fuse to blow any input is greatly appreciated thank you!

Grant Technician

I've had these DTC's set on a 2012 Camry with 2.5L. First the battery was jumped backwards; this blew fusible links including alternator fuse. After replacement of the fusible links, found the codes you mention and the same fuse "A/C something or other", replaced, all good.

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Raymond Mechanic

Sometimes you just have to thank the car gods you had an easy repair. If you have freeze frame data you could try to duplicate the conditions while current ramping the circuit. I haven't had many issues with blown fuses without explanation on Camrys.

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Joe Diagnostician
Joe Resolution

Replaced fuse and shipped vehicle I’ve kept in touch with customer states that the heater is still functioning

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