Are You Getting Value From Your Training Dollars?

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Are You Getting Value From Your Training Dollars? (THA 254)

We preach, on this podcast, that the investment in training is everything to you and your business. However, are you receiving the training in the proper way? We are taking a deeper dive into what training should be, and how to learn effectively. You might think those are simple concepts you can skip over, but trust me, this episode will change your perspective.




  • Jim Cokonis, Sr Curriculum Developer, CARQUEST Technical Institute
  • Justin Morgan, LMV Bavarian Technical Support and Trainer, ASE-Wave Technical Ambassador, ASE Master, L1, CMAT (Certified Master Auto Tech)
  • Anthony Williams M.S. Ed., Special Project Manager, Carquest Technical Institute, Advance Professional  
Darren Technician

Here is why I love automotive seminars….. I pay once and Then I can review the video over and over again. Who else does that!!! Not to mention John Thornton is the best instructor.

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