GoPro Videos (inside a tire)

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Here's just one video from GoPro. There are a few interesting ones but this one had the camera mounted inside a wheel watching the tire react.


Elisha Technician
Odessa, Texas
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Wow! That was amazing. First thing that got my attetion was the sidewall's, got me thinking about camber. Good job to this guy who doe's these videos. Wish i could find a way to upload videos like that for our customers when they come in. Since we have a couple of T.V's in the waiting room.

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Hollis Technician
Boulder, Colorado
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Weak, damaged or stretched steel belts, causing the flex ? He mentions at the end that the tires are "shot". I had a set of BFG's on my Tacoma that I've owned since 1999, the tread was still good, but near the end of the usefulness. One day I had an issue where the transmission would not come out of 4WD HI until I put it in reverse. I bought it in the shop, went through the whole diag…

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Rudy Technician
Montebello, California
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Cool. I think this video emphasizes the reason for their being a "repairable area" for tire patches. Its obvious there is a lot of flex and movement going on at the sidewalls,even while driving straight down the road.

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