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Just trying to get started in mobile diagnostic & flashing/programming? All info will be appreciated! I have been looking for a sample waiver form to have my customer sign just in case but haven't found anything on the web or on iatn. can somebody send or post a sample waiver form? I would really appreciate it.... I see that lots of training is on the east coast is there a website with training in California? If anybody can help I would really appreciate it....Thanks!

Allan Owner

Waiver for what? I’ve done thousands of modules and never needed a waiver. Otherwise when I started domestic and Asian I was covered well with factory tools. At the time Euro was a Launch and an iScan. Diagnosis for other shops is very difficult. You will need to be an exceptional diagnostic tech. Shops generally only call with problem cars that they’ve already Attempted to diagnose so Identifix…

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John Owner
New York

David, Allan speaks the truth. The other aspect of mobile nobody likes to talk about is the mental aspect. You have to be mentally strong. Prepare to get beat up everyday and come back stronger the next day.

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Michael Mobile Technician

Hi David, As we all know California is known for being a litigious state. There is a lawyer around every corner. I have a few friends that do programming in the LA area and they do not have customers sign waivers. They have not been sued yet. It is very rare to brick an ECU in these times but it does happen. Most programmers will cover this cost to save face. There are a few mobile guys that…

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Chad Mobile Technician

Excellent write up Michael. Very detailed with the right material. Most of us focus on how to fix cars and forget the “running a business” portion. And listing the insurance coverage was icing on the cake. Thank you sir

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Brian Instructor

When I started my mobile business in '11 I was concerned if I needed to have a contract or waiver signed stating that my business ( me at the time) was not responsible for wrong parts used parts other damages blah , blah the list goes on . After speaking to a few attorneys in my area (Ohio) they pretty much told me that if someone is going to sue for something it will probably be something big…

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Albert Owner/Technician

You all make some good points

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