BMW E90 Transmission fault

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2011 BMW 328i 3.0L (N52) 6-spd (GA6-L45R) — WBAPH7C58BE850954
Dtc 56Bf

Hello gang. I received this E90 from another shop with transmission in failsafe mode. This vehicle uses the GM unit, which I have limited experience on. The trouble code in EGS is 56BF (Clutch gears 1,2,3, and 4: neutral test). I am aware of BMW SIB that calls for replacing the selector rod. Trouble is, this repair has already been performed. Everything looks to have been properly performed, except the fluid used was not Dex VI. I know this from the color. From what I gather, the fluid used was most probably the Rowe fluid which states on the label that it is compatible with Dexron VI.

I have not dropped the mechatronics unit from the vehicle. I simply removed the pan and did a visual inspection of the components. Fluid, filter, mounting gasket, and selector rod are brand new. Anyone experience this issue before? Could the contact plate have failed as well? Any insight before I tear into this deeper will be appreciated. Thank you.

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If the bulletin has been done and it has the latest software you are probably looking at a valve boy/mechatronic.

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Yeah, we shall see. Im going to drop the mechatronic assembly this weekend, and report back.

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