Video of Ford Masks for COVID-19

Rudy Technician Montebello, California Posted   Latest   Edited  

I found this video fascinating and informative. Hope you do as well.


Louis Diagnostician
Claremont, California
Louis Default

Very cool. Amazing what manufacturers can do in times of need. And the filter lasts the life of the unit.

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Mike Instructor
Fresno, California
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Thanks for posting Rudy! The technology is amazing.

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Jamey Owner/Technician
Ventura, California
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I recently had back surgery, when I did my pre-op, I was standing out front of the hospital waiting to get my temperature checked to enter and there was a delivery truck unloading boxes with Ford stickers on them, maybe they were some of these units?? Pretty cool video.

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Steven Instructor
Cumming, Georgia
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A very impressive idea to commercial production example! Certainly, Ford will benefit within their operations, but the social impact could be huge!

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Paul Technician
Upland, California
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Fascinating video! Thanks Rudy!

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