Yet Another Tech Support Tale… The Fun Continues!!!

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2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5 2.5L (BGP) 5-spd (0A4)
Cruise Control And Rear Wiper Do Not Work

This customer put in a tech support request stating that he replaced his clock spring and now his rear wiper and cruise control does not work.

In these vehicles, the clock spring is integrated to the steering wheel control module. Being a module, and being in a VW, it will need coding. General good repair procedure will have you record the coding in some way. You can run some type of coding report, or write it down. I prefer to use my phone to take a pic of it.

That was not the case in this instance. This car came from a different shop, threw the old module out and did not record coding...

This would be a giant PITA if you do not have a scan tool capable of descriptive coding. Luckily he did!


for what we are doing here, go to DESCRIPTIVE CODING

Take note of your current coding number. If something goes awry, you can always go back to the original coding.

Now you can select all your options.

Cycle the key and see if all the stuff works.



Run the test plan for CRUISE CONTROL NOT WORKING

Select your fuel type

Make sure all your switches work and cruise control is authorized.

Test drive the car and make sure the cruise control works

Upon driving the vehicle, everything worked! 

Another one bites the dust!!!

Keith Diagnostician
Keith Default

This is a very common issue, and a powerful tool to fix it! Chris, can you have someone contact me about getting one?

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Dean Owner
New York
Dean Default

Chris, Was this long coding? I have run across this many times in body shop settings. Can VAG-COM code this module?

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Oscar Diagnostician
Oscar Default

I have done this with Ross-Tech VCDS, is a very good tool to have for VW.

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Chris Diagnostician
New York
Chris Default

Yes. This will be changing long coding. Vag-com has a coding helper for things like this, yes.

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Billy Mechanic
New Mexico
Billy Default

I had the same situation with an HVAC module another shop install but no coding. Used Vag Com on that one, (Shop had Autologic but BMW Volvo only) glad to see Autologic is expanding car lines. Can the new Autologic do reflash in the expanded car lines like the old one could do for BMW?

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