Why is VW Jetta odometer blinking after adding keyfob ?

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2014 Volkswagen Jetta SEL 1.8L (CPKA) 6-spd (09G) — 3VWL07AJ4EM403414
Programmed Key
Odometer Flashing

I'm helping a VW owner add a smartkey fob to his 2014 Jetta. After removing cluster and resetting it using ZedFull with CO2-P "pogo" adaptor car programmed the two fobs successfully, smartkey features work, doors unlock, car starts and drives. HOWEVER odometer keeps flashing the mileage reading. I'm pretty sure I exited service mode (according to ZedFull) but something is still funky. Any of you VW experts have a way to get the car back to normal?

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Is your Zedfull original?

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Craig Apprentice
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Looks like your still in programing mode and the cluster did not reset after the programing.

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Paul Owner/Technician
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yes, original licensed ZedFull. Anyway to force the cluster out of programming mode?

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