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This could fall under "Demonstration" but I felt that "Discussion" is more appropriate. I was going to post it the other day but time has been short. Still, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Will it lower the price of fuel?



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Seems odd to me. Especially when they say "Octane on demand". There is little power difference between fuel octane ratings for cars with LOWER octane fuels providing a bit more power than higher Octane fuels (opposite of what most people think). I'm not sure the benefit, if any at all, would justify the cost.

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I'm not sure how it will effect the price of fuel, too many variables there, but I can imagine how it will effect the price of vehicles and repairs. I'm trying to envision how driving habits would affect the Ethanol concentrations in the fuel. If the vehicle idles a lot or is driven slowly vs. zero to breakneck speed driving habits. I wish they'd just go with my idea, make the accelerator…

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Isn't this technology already in use in Brazil?

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Just a relevant link on the topic: this thesis provides extensive discussion of the Octane-on-Demand concept, and the abstract and the introduction give a good overview as well: dspace​.​mit​.​edu/bitstream/hand…

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