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2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L (K) 5-spd (5R55S) — 1FMZU72KX5ZA38465
Advancetrac Light Flashing And Traction Control Off

Tech had pulled the dash apart and put it back together but forgot to plug the yaw sensor back in causing codes C2777 and C1998 in the ABS module. Plugged sensor back in and was able to clear the C2777 but the C1998 remained. Used Snap-On Modis with current updates and tried to do “Stability Control - IVD Initialization” and when following prompts the scan tool will back out and says that conditions are not met when it begins the process. Does anyone have insight to what is going on or how to procced? 

Chris Diagnostician

I recently tried to do this on a 2005 expedition with a snap on modis. I tried everything I could think of and kept getting the same error. I pulled out my autel 908 and performed the IVD Initialization. It went right through and code cleared first try. Not sure what was missing on the snap on maybe it just cant do this feature but if you have access to a autel or another scan tool I would try…

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Jacob Diagnostician

I had the same vehicle recently and attempted the “IVD Initialization” with the Autel and Sanp-On without success. Used FJDS with Cardaq-M and it worked with no problems.

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Andrew Mobile Technician
Andrew Resolution

Tried the shops Autel 908 that is three years out of date and it worked and was able to calibrate the vehicle. Thanks guys for the suggestions.

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Paul Technician

Hi Andrew, If you can, call Snap On tech hotline and let them know the problem that you had. I talk to Ricardo there, and often they don’t know that there is a problem if someone doesn’t tell them. Other times they do know and are working on a fix. …

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