Nissan Consult III Plus VI2 Interface w/ Genuine TechMate CF-19 MK2

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Hello DN. Marketing my Nissan Consult III Plus VI2 pass through that was purchased new in 2018 with a genuine TechMate Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 MK2. Consult III Plus software version 83.11 does NOT come with an active subscription & will be updated to most current version tomorrow. This tool has seen a handful of uses & does not justify in me keeping it.

$3,750 OBO willing to ship within US at no extra cost.

In an effort to keep DN as a professional & respective platform, please email … for further information & a direct contact phone number.

Sean Owner/Technician
North Carolina

I sent you an email.

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James Owner/Technician

No Longer Available. Thank you for everyone's interest. 8.8.22

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