Yesterday we listened ~ Today we deliver

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Yesterday we listen to the needs of over 50 dedicated instructors who expressed a need for help building out online instructional delivery.

And because of this interaction...

"Today's Distributed Learning seminar will walk you through the motions of building a lesson plan to teach from remotely. We will provide examples, best practices and offer advice, while also seeking your input as well. See you today at 2 p.m. EDT

Here's the URL to join in the conversation:" tinyurl​.​com/ux6vdmo

Come and get some ideas that have worked for us and others. It will be time boxed to 30 minutes. The recording will be shared on the ConsuLab website.


Ben Curriculum Developer
United Kingdom

Hi Jeffry, I have a website with a great deal of high quality training videos. Perhaps we’d be able to help in some way? OurVirtualAcademy​.​com - I can be contacted at …

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Frank Service Manager

I had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with a long time friend and automotive educator, Paul Pate, Paul is now the Professional Services Director for a company called Today's Class. They have a mobile based, adaptive micro-learning platform that is unique in our industry. What I saw from Today's Class was very impressive in the way they can track technician training from basic knowledge to…

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