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2012 Ferrari California 4.3L 7-spd

What repair are you unable to perform?

Can not log into website. I was able to register but never got an activation email. Login with my credentials says “login not successful” Can change password but can not log in. Tried to register again but get a message that the user already exists. I tried registering with another email address, same issue.

What information are you having trouble obtaining?

Need to purchase an information subscription to get a wiring diagram.

What steps have you taken to obtain the information you need?

Tried using the contact form, email the listed address Noah​.​Williams-ext@ferrari​.​com, no response from either. Tried calling the phone number …, get a message that the number is not available.

Donny Manager
Donny Update

Anthony, NASTF does not have a Service Information Standards Agreement with Ferrari. They have helped in the past. I will try my contact information but it is quite old. I will also contact their association and see if anyone has newer information.

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